Gal in the Kitchen

OOOOOOHHHHHH cooking sure is a love/hate relationship in my life. I can honestly say I did not enjoy being in the kitchen at all until a year ago. While all of the women in my family are phenomenal cooks, I never had the ambition to be in the kitchen. I was always running around outside, so I always wanted to make something that was quick and easy. Over this past year, I have really started eating healthy and experimenting in the kitchen. You won’t find me in there every day, but hey I am cooking more so than ever. I am not one for recipes; I will glance at something and give it my own twist and it has actually worked out pretty well. I love eating fruit and other healthy combinations, so you will be seeing a vast amount of blogs on my site related to just that. “Gal in the Kitchen” is more like “Gal Meets the Kitchen” and I can’t wait to share my journey with you along the way!