Welcome to My Unconventional Creative Life!

I will be going by April and only April here. This will be a first names only kind of thing just to try and keep things somewhat anonymous. Now instead of just jumping right into my blog for my homepage I figured I better give everyone a little bit of a summary of what will be going on here :). This blog is a little different because I will be talking about, well, everything.

I have four beautiful children that I love dearly. They are my life and they really help keep me going, even when they are driving me up the wall. My spouse is Transgender. So our children are 100% both of ours but she is now female (when we got married her expressed gender was male). Now some of this stuff I will go into more detail about on blog posts. But I did want to give everyone fair warning that I will be talking about this stuff as well as crafts and things. I really want to go into what transition (when expressed gender is changed) is like for me, the spouse of a transgendered person. I really don’t want to set up and maintain several different blogs so I am rolling all of this stuff into one. Don’t worry when I talk about Transgender things I will be keeping it all G rated ;). This blog is truly about my Unconventional Creative Life. I hope you enjoy it and learn from it :).